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3 Myths About Death You Need to Know About

Every one of us has to face death, and yes, funeral homes in Beech Creek, PA, someday. We do not really know when and we do not really know how, but it is something that we all need to think about. It is easy for us to ignore the fact of death because most of our lives are spent trying to avoid thinking about it. But when it happens, we need to be prepared for it. This blog will look at 3 myths about death and what the reality is.

Myth 1:  The traditional funeral is the only way to spend your final farewell with your loved ones.

This is the most common myth that people believe. But it is not true. It is possible to organize a meaningful and memorable farewell online. All you need is to plan and organize your memorial service online. Online memorial services allow you to remember a loved one at any time of your choosing.  In an online memorial service, you get to choose how a loved one will be remembered – by a photo, a video, a poem, or a song. You even get to choose the venue and guests. This is a great option to consider if the thought of a traditional funeral doesn’t appeal to you.

Myth 2: Death is a scary thing to talk about.

Death is a part of life. We’re all going to experience it one day. However, talking about it is a frightening concept. But fear not! It’s not nearly as scary as people like to make it out to be. And in fact, it could be very healing. Near-death experiences and deathbed confessions have been a very helpful part of society, opening the minds of those who are on their deathbeds. Not only does it help them let go of any worries or regrets, but it helps the family members deal with the loss of their loved ones. In fact, it’s even become a therapeutic tactic for talking about death and grief. It helps people who are grieving accept death and new beginnings.

Myth 3: The deceased’s wishes should always be followed.funeral homes in Beech Creek, PA

This is the biggest myth about funerals! Funerals are for the family and friends of the deceased, not the deceased. When a person passes, they are not aware of their surroundings. They can’t see the food being served, hear the songs being sung, or understand the eulogies. They can’t even enjoy the room being decorated. All that is happening is that the deceased is being shipped off to the next world. The reason so many people believe that the deceased dictates their funeral is that people are just assuming what the deceased would like. There is a sense of selfishness behind this myth. The funeral of the deceased inside funeral homes in Beech Creek, PA is for the sake of their family. It is not about what the deceased wanted. Thus, people should not feel guilty about having a different funeral than the deceased.