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Why Cremation Services Cost Less Than Burial Services

The cremation rate has risen rapidly over the last 20 years. And it’s expected to rise even more than it already has over the next 20 years. There are, no doubt, many reasons for this. But a big part of the reason for the sudden spike in the cremation rate is the fact that cremation services in Lock Haven, PA, and other parts of the country cost so much less than burial services. If you’re wondering why exactly that is, continue reading to find out why cremation services are so cheap compared to burial services.

Cremation services are easier to plan than burial services.

Did you know that the average family has to make well over 100 decisions when planning burial services? That is a lot of decisions to make, which is why it often takes a long time for burial services to come together. Planning a Lock Haven, PA cremation doesn’t call for a family to make anywhere near that number of decisions. As a result, they can work their way through the cremation planning process in less time than they would spend planning burial services. It’s the first thing that keeps the cost of cremation on the lower end of the spectrum.

They require fewer big-ticket items than burial services.

There are a handful of big-ticket items that you’re going to need to purchase when burying a loved one. For example, you’ll need to get your hands on a casket, a burial vault, and, of course, a burial plot. You won’t need to obtain any of these things when you cremate a loved one. In fact, the only item that you might have to buy is a cremation urn, and even that isn’t a necessity if you’re going to scatter a loved one’s remains. It’s another reason why the cost of cremation is so low.

cremation services Lock Haven, PA

They don’t usually call for the embalming process to play out.

When you’re going to bury a loved one, it’ll typically take at least a few days before you can do it. For this reason, you’ll want to have their body embalmed. Embalming a person’s body allows for it to last longer than it would otherwise. You can choose to embalm a loved one if you’re going to hold a viewing for them prior to their cremation. But many families choose not to put a loved one’s body through the embalming process prior to their cremations. It helps them cut back on their costs and makes paying for a cremation more manageable.

They provide families and funeral homes with more flexibility.

At the end of the day, the simple fact is that cremation services provide both families and funeral homes with more flexibility. They can hurry up and cremate a person right away, or they can take their time while doing it. They can also opt to hold a funeral for a loved one before their cremation or wait until after their cremation is done to plan something out. All of this flexibility leads to people spending less money on cremation in the long run.

Are you interested in finding out how much Lock Haven, PA cremations actually cost? You can get a better idea of what cremation services will cost you by speaking with someone from our funeral home. Give us a call today to have a discussion with one of our experienced funeral directors.

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Meanings Behind Flowers Found at Funeral Homes

When people walk through the front doors at funeral homes in Lock Haven, PA, it usually doesn’t take them very long to realize that they’re filled with flowers. Even if they aren’t able to see all the flowers found in funeral homes, they can no doubt smell them. But people don’t always know that flowers are sent to funeral homes to do more than just look and smell good. They’re also sent to them to convey certain messages, both to the deceased people who are in funeral homes and to their grieving families. Learn more about the meanings behind the flowers found in funeral homes below.


Over the years, lilies have no doubt turned into some of the most popular flowers found in funeral homes. It’s rare to walk into a Lock Haven, PA funeral home and not see at least a few lilies for it. This is largely because lilies are among the most fragrant funeral flowers. But it’s also because lilies carry many special meanings. They can be used to symbolize everything from peace and purity to virginity and the radiance of a person’s soul.


Most people know that red roses are used to symbolize romantic love. So if you see red roses in a funeral home, that’s usually what they’re going to mean. But there are also many other colors of roses found in the average funeral home, and they each have their own meanings. For instance, yellow roses are meant to symbolize friendship. Pink roses, meanwhile, are meant to symbolize thankfulness. You can switch up the meaning of a bouquet of roses simply by choosing the right colors to include in it.

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Just like roses, carnations come in a wide range of colors. And each individual color conveys a different meaning in the context of a funeral home. If you send someone red carnations, you’ll be showing your affection for them. If you send them white carnations, you’ll be using them to symbolize innocence. It’s typically a good idea to mix and match different colored carnations prior to sending them to a funeral home. You might even want to utilize carnations when you’re creating a funeral wreath or a standing spray.


Although chrysanthemums—better known as mums—aren’t quite as popular as some of the other funeral flowers on this list, they have risen in popularity over the years. They’ve also come to stand for different things in different countries. If you send them to, say, an Asian country, they’ll symbolize rebirth. But here in the U.S., chrysanthemums are meant to show sympathy and honor to a deceased person and their family. You might want to go with them if you’re looking for funeral flowers that are a little bit outside of the norm.

Is your family looking for the right flowers for a loved one’s Lock Haven, PA funeral services? Our funeral home can help you find them. We can also help you plan out other aspects of your loved one’s funeral. Reach out to us for all your pressing funeral needs.

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Reasons to Put Cremated Remains in Multiple Urns

Did you know that your family doesn’t have to place a loved one’s cremated remains into just a single urn following their cremation services in Beech Creek, PA? You’ll also have the option to split your loved one’s remains up into multiple urns and have it placed in vaults for cremation urns. There are many reasons why you might want to consider doing this. We’re going to run through a list of these reasons below to show you why you might want to consider taking this approach to dealing with your loved one’s remains.

It’ll provide a handful of your family members with your loved one’s remains.

If you and your family put all of your loved one’s remains into a single urn after their Beech Creek, PA cremation, only one of you will be able to bring these remains home with you. But if you place the remains into multiple urns, you’ll be able to send a bunch of family members home with the remains. This will give your family members an opportunity to maintain a much stronger connection with your loved one over time.

It’ll stop your family members from fighting over what you’re going to do with a loved one’s remains.

Each of your individual family members probably has a different idea as to what you should do with your loved one’s remains. This could potentially lead to some arguments among your family members since it’s going to be difficult for everyone to agree on what should be done with the remains. You can stop these fights from happening by giving each of your family members their own portion of your loved one’s remains. They can then choose what they would like to do with them next.

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It’ll prevent all of your loved one’s remains from getting lost, destroyed, or stolen.

If you decide to keep all of your loved one’s remains in one urn, what is going to happen to them if the urn gets lost, destroyed, or even stolen? All of the remains are also going to get lost, destroyed, or stolen along with the urn. But when you have multiple urns that contain your loved one’s remains, you won’t have to worry about this happening. You’ll always be able to keep at least a small portion of your loved one’s remains around.

It’ll set you up with all these benefits without costing you a fortune.

In order to divide your loved one’s remains and put them into multiple urns, you’re obviously going to need to get your hands on at least a few urns. You might think that this is going to force you to spend a lot of money. But in reality, smaller urns cost less than larger ones, so you should be able to get your hands on smaller urns for your loved one’s remains without breaking the bank. It’s why you should explore this option before writing it off due to cost concerns.

Would you like to have a loved one’s remains placed into multiple urns following their cremation? We can help you do this just like we’ve helped many other families planning Beech Creek, PA cremations. Contact us now to map out a loved one’s cremation services from beginning to end with our assistance.

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Keeping Emotions Under Control at Funeral Homes

If you and your family aren’t careful, it can be very difficult to keep your emotions under control while you’re working with one of your local funeral homes in Beech Creek, PA. For this reason, you should attempt to be mindful of your emotions as you work your way through the funeral planning process. We’ve put together a guide that should make it possible for you to take better control of your emotions. Check it out below and use it when you’re making funeral arrangements for a loved one.

Take the time to begin to process your emotions following a loved one’s loss.

After learning that a loved one has died, your first instinct might be to run right down to a Beech Creek, PA funeral home to begin planning their funeral services. But you should resist this urge and give yourself a chance to process whatever emotions you might be feeling. You’ll have an easier time coming to terms with a loved one’s loss when you allow yourself to experience each of the emotions that you’re feeling. You’ll also put yourself into a better headspace to start dealing with the funeral planning process.

Work with a funeral home that specializes in providing grief counseling services.

Once you’ve processed your emotions in the aftermath of a loved one’s death, you can head down to a funeral home to start making funeral arrangements for them. But when you arrive, you shouldn’t dive headfirst into the planning process. You should instead take advantage of the grief counseling services that are available at many funeral homes. These services will make it possible for you to process your emotions on an even deeper level than you already have.

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Make funeral arrangements for a loved one with the help of several family members.

When you arrive at a funeral home to plan a loved one’s funeral services, you shouldn’t be by yourself. You should have at least a few family members with you to help you through the funeral planning process. Your family members will be able to provide you with the love and support that you’ll need to make it through a very difficult time in your life. They can also assist you in making important decisions as you plan out every aspect of a funeral.

Lean on the funeral director at a funeral home for emotional support when you need it.

As you make your way through the funeral planning process, you’ll work side-by-side with a funeral director at all times. They’ll be there to help you successfully plan out your loved one’s funeral. But they’ll also be there to give you emotional support as necessary. If you ever find that you’re struggling with your emotions at a funeral home, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask them for assistance.

Do you want to be sure that you’ll be able to keep your emotions under control while planning a loved one’s Beech Creek, PA funeral services? We can help you do this when you plan a funeral through us. Call us today to begin working with an experienced funeral director.