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Do You Need to Purchase a Casket for Cremation Services?

When you’re planning burial services for a loved one at one of the funeral homes in Lock Haven, PA, you’re obviously going to need to invest in a casket for them. You’re not allowed to bury someone in a cemetery without putting their body into a casket first. But do you also need to purchase a casket for cremation services? That’s a question that many families ask when they’re going through the process of planning a cremation for a loved one. Find out the answer below.

No, you don’t need to buy a casket for cremation services.

When you’re planning a Lock Haven, PA cremation for a loved one, there is no need to buy a casket for them. A person’s body can be cremated without using a casket. Instead, you can use a very basic cremation container that is combustible for the cremation process. It’ll do the same job that a casket would, but it’ll cost you and your family next to nothing. This is all that you’ll need to carry your loved one’s cremation out from start to finish.

However, you might want to rent a casket.

You don’t need to purchase a casket to cremate a loved one. But what about if you want to hold a viewing for them as part of their funeral services? Well, in this case, you will need to obtain a casket for your loved one’s body, but you won’t necessarily need to buy it. Rather than going that route, you can score a casket rental and use it exclusively for your loved one’s viewing. This is a much more cost-effective option than buying a casket outright.

A good funeral home should have several casket rentals available.

If you think that your family is going to rent a casket for a loved one’s viewing prior to their cremation, you should always bring this up as soon as possible while working with a funeral home. Not all funeral homes are going to have a lot of casket rentals available. A good funeral home should have some options for you and your family to check out, though. There should be a healthy mix of casket rentals that you can choose from so that you can have your loved one placed into a casket for their viewing.

Casket rentals are going to come in a wide range of prices.funeral homes in Lock Haven, PA

At this point, you know that casket rentals are available to you. But you don’t know what they’ll cost you. You’ll be happy to know that most casket rentals are only going to run you between $500 and $800. That’s a very small price to pay when you consider the cost of paying for most caskets outright. It’ll help to keep the cost of your loved one’s cremation services on the lower end of the spectrum.

Is your family interested in potentially renting a casket for a loved one’s cremation? Maxwell Funeral Home has several different options available for those families looking to rent caskets for Lock Haven, PA cremations. Give us a call to find out more about the casket rentals that we have in store for you.

funeral homes in Lock Haven, PA

Biggest Regrets Families Often Have After Choosing Funeral Homes

When you and your family are trying to decide which of the funeral homes in Lock Haven, PA to work with, you should put your fair share of thought into it. You shouldn’t just pick the first funeral home you can find and agree to work with them. If you do this, you could very well end up having more than a few regrets about doing it. There are all kinds of regrets that families often have after choosing funeral homes that aren’t the right fit for them. Discover more about these regrets below so that you know what you should try to avoid.

Picking a funeral home that is in a bad location

While they’re in the process of planning Lock Haven, PA funeral services for a loved one, families usually have to make at least a few trips to a funeral home. And it can be more challenging than it should be to do this when they’re not in great locations. This sometimes leads to families regretting choosing funeral homes in certain locations. You should strongly consider the location of a funeral home before picking them over all your other options.

Selecting a funeral home that doesn’t offer the necessary services

In addition to considering the location of a funeral home, families also need to check out which services a funeral home can provide for them. Despite what you might think, not all funeral homes are created equal. There are some that won’t be able to supply you with the necessary services. With this in mind, you should always scan a funeral home’s website to ensure that they have the services you’re looking for. It’ll help you avoid regretting going with a funeral home that isn’t able to give you what you want.

Going with a funeral home that costs too much money

Did you know that all funeral homes aren’t going to charge you the same prices for what will amount to the same services? This is something that families don’t always realize until it’s too late. And when they do, they regret not finding out about it sooner because they see how much money it could have saved them. You and your family should always look around to see which local funeral homes have the best possible prices on their funeral services. It could save you some money if you play your cards right.

Settling on a funeral home that doesn’t extend great grief counseling services

funeral homes in Lock Haven, PAWhen you’re thinking about going with a particular funeral home, you shouldn’t be shy about asking them what kind of grief counseling services they offer. The best funeral homes are always going to be more than willing to set you up with the best grief counseling services around. You don’t want to regret not dealing with the grief that you’re feeling now later on down the line. You want to have a funeral home on your side that will help you manage your grief more effectively.

You won’t regret anything at all when you make Lock Haven, PA funeral arrangements for a loved one through Maxwell Funeral Home. We’re the premier funeral home for those families looking to plan both burial and cremation services for their loved ones. Reach out to us for more information on how we can help your family.

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A Guide to Speaking With Your Spouse About Cremation Services

Are you starting to think that cremation services in Beech Creek, PA might be the better option for you as opposed to burial services? If you’re married, this isn’t something that you’re going to want to keep to yourself. Instead, you’re going to want to share your thoughts on cremation with your spouse to see where exactly they stand. It’ll allow you to work together when it comes to your collective end-of-life plans. Take a look at our guide to speaking with your spouse about cremation services below.

Try to find the right time to talk to your spouse about cremation services.

If you’re going to discuss something as serious as a Beech Creek, PA cremation with your spouse, you don’t want to just bring it up out of the blue. You want to look for the right time to mention cremation to them. You should carve out some time to sit down and talk about cremation services one night. You should also mentally prepare your spouse by letting them know that you would like to start discussing your end-of-life intentions.

Come up with a good list of reasons why you’re considering cremation.

If you plan on telling your spouse that you want to choose cremation services over burial services for yourself, you should be ready with a list of reasons as to why you feel this is the right decision. They’re inevitably going to ask you why you want to be cremated, so you should be prepared to provide them with some reasons. This is going to show that you’ve put some real thought into it. It’s also going to encourage them to look at creation from a fresh angle.

Make it a point to see where your spouse stands on cremation services.

Once you’re done running through your list of reasons for why you want to be cremated, you should ask your spouse where they stand on cremation at this time. There is a chance that they might have already been thinking about potentially being cremated. There is also a chance that your reasons might have convinced them to give cremation some consideration. Whatever the case, it’s important for you to have an understanding as to where they’re at with the idea of being cremated.

Think about pre-planning cremation services if you both decide they’re right for you.

cremation services in Beech Creek, PAAt the end of your cremation conversation with your spouse, you might both decide that cremation services are the right choice for you. If this is the case, you should go ahead and spend some time pre-planning your own cremation services with assistance from a local funeral home. A funeral home will help you put your end-of-life plans into place and provide you with peace of mind in the process. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that you don’t need to worry about having a cremation vs. burial debate with your spouse at any point.

Do you and your spouse want to pre-plan Beech Creek, PA cremations for yourselves? Maxwell Funeral Home can lend a hand and show you how to go about doing it. Contact us today to get help with all your cremation needs.

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Are All Funeral Homes the Same? 5 Reasons Why They’re Not

Are you someone who thinks that all of the different funeral homes in Beech Creek, PA are basically the same? You should know that this is not the case. Some funeral homes might have the same look and feel to them. But the reality is that each individual funeral home is unique. It’s a big part of the reason why you should do some digging around to see which funeral home you like the most before agreeing to work with them. Here are five reasons why funeral homes aren’t all the same.

1. They don’t all have the same experience levels.

There are some funeral homes that have been providing Beech Creek, PA funeral services for decades now. There are others that just opened their front doors last year. As you might imagine, you’re going to get a much different experience working with one of the funeral homes that falls into the first category versus one that falls into the second one. You should always try to track down a funeral home that has more than enough experience.

2. They don’t all offer the same services.

Most funeral homes will offer a lot of the same services. But there are some that focus primarily on burial services and others that hone in on cremation services. For this reason, you should consider which services you and your family will need when making funeral arrangements for a loved one. It’ll allow you to locate a funeral home that is set up to deliver the services you’re chasing after.

3. They don’t all have the same good locations.

The location of a funeral home is going to be very important when you’re working with them. You want for a funeral home to be situated in a spot that’s easy to get to and that has plenty of parking. Not all funeral homes are going to meet these criteria. It’s yet another thing that sets different funeral homes apart from one another.

4. They don’t all provide grief counseling services.

While you’re planning funeral services for a loved one, you should try to take advantage of the grief counseling services that they offer. But before doing that, you’ll need to make sure that they have these services available. The best funeral homes will always make grief counseling a top priority. They’ll also extend other grief-related resources to assist families during their time of need.

5. They don’t all charge the same prices.funeral homes in Beech Creek, PA

Some people are under the impression that all funeral homes are going to charge families the same prices. But more often than not, this just isn’t true. You’re going to find that different funeral homes will charge different prices for their services. This could mean that you’ll be able to save some money by going with one funeral home over another one.

Maxwell Funeral Home is not like all the other funeral homes in our area. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure that you don’t run into any issues when making funeral arrangements for a loved one at our Beech Creek, PA funeral home. Call us today to discover more about what it is that we can bring to the table.