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How to Create a Display for a Loved One’s Cremated Remains

Is your family planning on bringing your loved one’s cremated remains home with you following their cremation services in Renovo, PA so that you can put them out on display? If so, you’re going to need to make sure that you go about doing this in the right way. You can pay tribute to your loved one by putting together a proper display for them. Let’s take a look at some of the steps you’ll need to take to bring a display for your loved one’s remains to life.

Begin by having your loved one’s remains placed into a decorative urn.

If you and your family know that you’re going to be putting your loved one’s remains out on display in your home after their Renovo, PA cremation, it’s going to be important for you to find the right urn for them. You should search for a decorative urn that you know is going to fit in nicely with the interior design of your home. You should also try to track down an urn that is going to help illustrate your loved one’s personality in some way. It’ll allow your loved one to continue to maintain a presence in your home even though they’re not around in the physical form any longer.

Look for the right spot in your home to create a display for your loved one’s urn.

After you’ve put your loved one’s remains into a decorative urn, you’ll need to look for the right spot to put the urn in your home. You should ideally try to find a space for it that is a little bit off the beaten path. This will decrease the chances of something happening to the urn. At the same time, you don’t want to hide the urn in a corner of your house where you won’t ever see it. A fireplace mantel or a shelf in a hutch would be the perfect places for an urn.

Surround your loved one’s urn with photos, mementos, etc.

Once you find the right spot for your urn, you can put it down and see how it looks. But you shouldn’t stop there! You should also add some other small touches to your loved one’s display in honor of them. For instance, you should stick a few photos of your loved one around their urn. You should also strategically position a few mementos that remind you of your loved one. You’ll feel your loved one’s presence come to life when you add these touches.

Try your hardest to keep the display for your loved one’s remains clean.

cremation services in Renovo, PAWhen you get to this point, the display that you’ve designed for your loved one will be all finished. The only thing that’ll be left to do is to work to keep your loved one’s display clean. You should make every effort to dust the display on a regular basis so that it doesn’t get dirty on you. It might take you a few extra minutes each week to keep it clean, but it’ll be well worth all the time and effort that you put into it.

Prior to creating a display for your loved one’s cremated remains, you’re going to need to go through the cremation process with the help of a Renovo, PA funeral home. Maxwell Funeral Home can walk you through this process and ensure that everything goes according to plan. Give us a call to begin making funeral arrangements for your loved one.

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Tips on How to Put Together the Perfect Obituary for a Loved One

When families make their way down to funeral homes in Renovo, PA to make funeral arrangements for their loved ones, they have to do a million and one things throughout the planning process. One of the most important things that they’ll have to do is create an obituary for their loved one. They have to find a way to cram their loved one’s entire life into a few short paragraphs. This can obviously be a huge challenge. If your family is going to be taking on this tall task soon, we’ve got some tips that should help. Learn how to put together the perfect obituary below.

Begin by gathering a bunch of important information about your loved one.

There is all kinds of important information that you’re going to need when you’re creating an obituary for your loved one. You’re going to need everything from their full name and their hometown to the name of their college and the amount of time that they spent working for their employer. You should set out to gather as much of this info as you can so that you have it right from the start. You might have to work with a few of your other family members to get the job done.

Figure out the right way to format an obituary.

Once you have all the necessary info on your loved one, you can begin building their obituary from scratch. To do this, you should follow the same basic format that most obituaries follow. You’ll start things off with some biographical info about your loved one before listing their surviving family members and then getting into listing info about their education, their career, and more. While you’re welcome to tinker with this format if you would like, you might end up making things harder on yourself if you do.

Find some small ways to insert your loved one’s personality into their obituary.

Whenever you’re creating an obituary for a loved one, you want to find some ways to incorporate their personality into it. The easiest way to do this is usually to include a small section in the middle about what your loved one liked to do when they weren’t working, helping to raise a family, etc. This is what’s going to help to illustrate what kind of person your loved one was. You won’t have any trouble injecting some personality into their obituary when you take this approach.

Remember to include info about your loved one’s funeral services at the end.

funeral homes in Renovo, PATowards the tail end of your loved one’s obituary, you should let other people know about the Renovo, PA funeral services that you and your family will be holding for them. You should make a note of when and where the funeral services will be held so that people can come to them if they would like. You won’t have to worry about telling people about your loved one’s funeral services over and over again when they can simply get the info on them in the obituary that you put together.

When you’re making Renovo, PA funeral arrangements for a loved one, there is a chance that you might need a helping hand when it comes time to create an obituary for them. Maxwell Funeral Home can assist you through the process and make sure you’re satisfied with your loved one’s obituary in the end. Reach out to us today to get started.

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Common Concerns Your Family May Have About Cremation Services

If your family is going to be planning cremation services in Lock Haven, PA for a loved one for the first time, it’s only natural for you to be a little bit concerned. Families aren’t always sure what to expect when it comes to cremations. You should learn about some of the common concerns that families have so that you’re not scared off by them. Take a look at some of the concerns that might come to mind when your family is in the process of planning out a cremation.

Does cremating someone mean you can’t plan a funeral for them?

Just because you’re going to be cremating a loved one rather than burying doesn’t mean that you can’t still hold Lock Haven, PA funeral services for them. In fact, a good funeral home will encourage you to stage funeral services for a loved one regardless of whether you’re burying or cremating them. Holding funeral services for a loved one will allow you to kickstart the mourning process. It’ll also move your family one step closer to healing in the aftermath of a loved one’s loss.

Is a person’s body placed into a fire during their cremation?

Since many families don’t yet know the ins and outs of cremations, there are some that are under the impression that their loved ones’ bodies are going to be placed into a fire during the cremation process. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, it’s heat and not fire that is used to conduct a cremation. You won’t have to worry about your loved one’s body coming anywhere close to a fire while they’re being cremated.

Are all religions against families choosing cremations?

A long time ago, your family would have been right to be concerned about your religion’s thoughts on cremation. Most of the world’s major religions used to argue against families opting to cremate their loved ones. But these days, almost all religions are on board with cremation. As a result, you shouldn’t have to be too concerned about your religion or your loved one’s religion being against cremation. You should still check to see where a particular religion stands on cremation before committing to it, but it’s not the roadblock that it used to be.

What can you do with a person’s cremated remains?

cremation services in Lock Haven, PAAt the end of the cremation process, you and your family are going to be given a container with your loved one’s remains in it. You might be worried about what you’re going to do with them. But you’ll be happy to know that you have lots of options. You can take them home with you and display them there. You can also bury them in a cemetery or have them put into a cremation niche. You can even scatter them in a place that is special to your family. All of these options should put your mind at ease and allow your family to make the right choice as far as what you’re going to do with a loved one’s remains.

Are you concerned about how your loved one’s Lock Haven, PA cremation is going to play out? Maxwell Funeral Home can help you do away with your concerns when you work with us. Contact us today to start planning out cremation services for a loved one.

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Should Parents Bring Their Kids Along With Them to Funeral Homes?

If you’re a parent who is going to be attending funeral services at one of the funeral homes in Lock Haven, PA soon, you may be wondering whether or not to bring your kids along with you. This is a decision that only you can make. But before you do, there are several things that you should consider. Check out a few of the questions that you’re going to want to ask yourself before deciding if you’re going to take your kids with you to a funeral home.

How old are your kids?

The age of your kids should play a big role in whether you decide to bring them with you to Lock Haven, PA funeral services. If your kids are still very young, you’re probably not going to want to take them with you. They’re going to be too young to understand what’s going on around them. They’re also not necessarily going to be on their best behavior since they won’t know exactly what’s happening at a funeral home. It could be a bad situation all around.

Do your kids have a basic understanding of death?

If you haven’t ever spoken with your kids about death in the past, you could be asking for trouble by taking them to a funeral home for funeral services. There is a pretty good chance that they’re going to lose their cool after seeing a relative in a casket or even just witnessing their immediate family members crying over their loved one’s loss. You should keep your kids at home if you suspect that they’re going to be overwhelmed at funeral services. It’ll be what’s best for everyone.

Will your kids behave at funeral services?

When you’re thinking about bringing your kids to a funeral home, you should think about how they act when you’re in other social settings. If you find that you’re always having to tell your kids to be good and stop fooling around, you’re going to be setting yourself up for a disaster by bringing them to a funeral home. The last thing that you want to do is have your kids attend funeral services with you and misbehave. It’ll ruin the whole experience for you and for others at the funeral.

Are you prepared to leave a funeral if your kids start acting up?

funeral homes in Lock Haven, PANo matter how old your kids are or how well-behaved they usually are, you might find them acting up at some point in time at a funeral. It’ll be at that point that you’ll have to excuse yourself and take your kids outside so that they don’t disrupt others. Are you ready to do this? If not, you should leave your kids at home from the beginning. It’ll help you mourn in peace without subjecting your kids to a tough situation.

At Maxwell Funeral Home, we know that parents often have to make a difficult decision when it comes to bringing kids to funeral homes. We strive to make life easier for families when they make Lock Haven, PA funeral arrangements for their loved ones. We can help you and your family make the appropriate arrangements when you know that there will be a lot of kids in attendance. Call us for more information on our services.