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How to Choose the Best Urn for a Loved One’s Cremation Services

Not all families purchase urns for their loved ones’ remains while planning cremation services in Renovo, PA for them. If, for example, a family knows that they’re going to scatter their loved one’s remains, they usually won’t go through the trouble of buying an urn. But more often than not, families who plan to keep their loved ones’ remains will place them into an urn first. You and your family should learn about how to choose the best urn if you’re going to take this approach. Find out all about doing it below.

Start by coming up with a budget for your loved one’s urn.

Urns are available in a wide range of prices. You can find some urns that will only run you $100 or so and others that will cost thousands of dollars. To avoid spending way more than you may have planned on an urn for your loved one’s Renovo, PA cremation, you should create a budget for yourself right from the start. You should decide how much you feel comfortable spending on an urn for your loved one and stick to that amount when searching around for one.

Look at all the different kinds of urns.

Once you have a budget in place for your loved one’s urn, the next thing you’ll want to do is start shopping for an urn. While doing this, you should consider all the different types of urns that are out there. You can find everything from metal urns to wooden urns to stone urns. You can also find urns in many shapes and sizes. You should attempt to narrow down your search to just the types of urns that you like best. It’ll stop you from getting overwhelmed by all your options.

Try to find an urn that fits your loved one’s personality in some way.

While you’re conducting a search for an urn for your loved one, you should think about what kind of urn they would have wanted. The urn that you end up with should fit their personality in some way. For instance, if they were very shy and subdued, an urn that’s very simple might suit them best. But if they were very stylish and trendy, then something a little more fashionable might be a great option for them. You should try to tell your loved one’s story through the urn that you select for them.

cremation services in Renovo, PAConsider personalizing your loved one’s urn if you can afford to do it.

If you’re working with a very small budget, then customizing your loved one’s urn might not be possible. But if you don’t mind spending a little extra on their urn, you can customize their urn in many ways. You can make their urn a certain color. You can also add engravings on the outside of their urn. It would be a fantastic idea to do some customizations to your loved one’s urn if you plan on keeping it in your home. It’ll almost make them feel like they’re still around when you look at it.

Would you like some help shopping for an urn for your loved one? Maxwell Funeral Home can show you some of the different options that we have available at our Renovo, PA funeral home. Give us a call today for all your cremation needs.

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The Most Important Decisions Families Must Make at Funeral Homes

When families visit funeral homes in Renovo, PA to make funeral arrangements for their loved ones, they often feel like they’re forced to make one decision after another. And that’s because, in a lot of cases, they are! On average, most families have to make between 100 and 150 decisions during the funeral planning process. Many of these decisions are on the smaller side, but some are big and require a lot of thought. You and your family should prepare for these decisions as best you can. Learn about them below.

The burial vs. cremation decision

Are you going to bury your loved one or cremate them? That’s the first really big decision that you’ll have to make when you visit a funeral home to make Renovo, PA funeral arrangements. Ideally, you and your family should try to make this decision ahead of time so that you know which way you’re leaning towards going in. It’ll help you avoid getting into unnecessary arguments with your fellow family members once you sit down with a funeral director.

The type of funeral service decision

Would you like to hold a very traditional funeral service for your loved one? Or would you prefer to go with a memorial service or even a celebration of life ceremony instead? These are all excellent options, and you can use all three to provide your loved one with a proper sendoff. But you should think about which one would work best for both your loved one and for your family as a whole. A funeral home should be able to break down the pros and cons of each option for you.

The casket/urn decision

If you’re planning on burying your loved one, you’re obviously going to need to invest in a casket for them. But you’re quickly going to find that there are tons of caskets out there in the world. You’ll also find that there are a wide range of urns for those families who are planning on cremating a loved one. You should shop around for a casket or urn that’s going to fit into your budget while helping you to pay tribute to your loved one for the final time.

funeral homes in Renovo, PAThe budgetary decision

How much money are you and your family willing to spend on your loved one’s funeral services? This is yet another important decision that will need to be made when you’re planning their services. You should attempt to come up with a budget as early on in the process as you can so that you don’t spend more than you’re comfortable spending while making funeral arrangements. It’ll help your family steer clear of going into debt during the funeral planning process.

Is your family having a tough time wrapping your heads around all the decisions that will need to be made when planning Renovo, PA funeral services for a loved one? Let Maxwell Funeral Home help you bring your plans together without getting too stressed out. Reach out to us to see how we can assist you.

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What Are the Best Places to Scatter a Person’s Cremated Remains?

Have you and your family decided that you would like to scatter your loved one’s remains in the immediate aftermath of their upcoming cremation services in Lock Haven, PA? If so, you’re going to want to steer clear of scattering them on any private property without permission. You could get yourself into big trouble if you do this. You should instead look around for a great public place to do it. There are lots of options for you to choose from. Find out some of the best places to scatter a person’s cremated remains below.

Inside of a national park

Did you know that a lot of the national parks scattered throughout the country will allow you to scatter a loved one’s remains following their Lock Haven, PA cremation? If not, you do now! You will have to read up on the rules and regulations regarding scattering remains at different national parks. But you should be able to find one in your general area that will let you scatter your loved one’s remains there. It’s a perfect place to scatter the remains of someone who loved spending a lot of time out in nature.

Far out at sea

If your loved one preferred spending a ton of time out on the water as opposed to on land, then you might want to consider scattering their remains out at sea. You’re not legally allowed to scatter a person’s remains on a beach or even right off the coast. But if you’re willing to take a boat ride a few miles off the coast, you can scatter your loved one’s remains there. Just be sure that you consult the U.S. Coast Guard about doing it first.

High up on a mountain

If you and your family don’t mind taking a little bit of a hike, you should think about bringing your loved one’s remains high up on a mountain in your area to scatter them there. It’s one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places to hold an ash scattering ceremony for someone. Just like with the first two options here, you should see if there are any rules in place against doing this on a certain mountain in your area. But generally speaking, you should be OK to do it as long as you don’t scatter your loved one’s remains in a place where people usually congregate.

cremation services in Lock Haven, PAIn the middle of a big field

If you don’t happen to live near a national park, the ocean, or a mountain, all you really need to hold an ash scattering ceremony for a loved one is a big, open field. You can take your loved one’s remains there and scatter them so that they cover a portion of the field. You’ll think of them each and every time that you pass the field in the future, and you’ll love knowing that they’re one with nature following their ash scattering ceremony.

Before you begin kicking around ideas as far as where you would like to scatter a loved one’s cremated remains, you should work with the right Lock Haven, PA funeral home while carrying out their cremation services. Maxwell Funeral Home can lend a helping hand throughout this process. Contact us today to get started.

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5 Signs That’ll Show You That You Can Trust Funeral Homes

When you and your family are preparing to make funeral arrangements for a loved one, you shouldn’t trust just any funeral home to help you get the job done. There are a handful of funeral homes in Lock Haven, PA for you to choose from, but you should make sure that you get one that you can trust on your side. Here are five signs that’ll show you that you can trust a funeral home.

1. They’re family owned and operated.

When you’re in the market for a funeral home to help you make Lock Haven, PA funeral arrangements, you should pretty much always try to go with one that’s family owned and operated. These funeral homes are known to go above and beyond for the families that turn to them for assistance. You can usually find out whether or not a funeral home is family owned and operated by giving their website a glance.

2. They’re experienced.

The best funeral homes in the business are the ones that have been around for a long time and seen and done just about everything. You should look for a funeral home that’s experienced in your area when you need one to help you with the funeral planning process. They don’t necessarily need to have a century’s worth of experience, but they should have at least a few years under their belts.

3. They’re able to provide many different funeral services.

Do you want to hold a traditional funeral service for your loved one and then bury them, or do you want to cremate your loved one and then stage a memorial service for them? Either way, a funeral home should be able to help you out! If a funeral home doesn’t provide you with a wide range of services, you’re probably not going to be able to count on them to set you up with the services that you’ll need.

4. They’re compassionate.

A great funeral home should do more than just provide you with funeral services. They should also show you some level of compassion and make sure that you’re dealing with the loss of your loved one in a healthy way. If a funeral home wants to get right down to business when you first sit down with them as opposed to addressing your emotions, they might not be the best fit for you.

funeral homes in Lock Haven, PA5. They’re affordable.

At the end of the day, all funeral homes are in the business of trying to make money. But the most trustworthy options aren’t just in the funeral industry for the potential earnings. They also want to offer families affordable prices that won’t break the bank. You shouldn’t be shy about asking funeral homes for their price lists so that you can compare them. It’ll allow you to bury or cremate a loved one without putting yourself into debt.

You can trust Maxwell Funeral Home to extend the Lock Haven, PA funeral services that you and your family need. You’ll see all the signs mentioned here as soon as you visit our funeral home. Call us today to begin the process of planning a loved one’s funeral.